Dad Photo.jpg

In Loving Memory

Jeffrey Allen Wilde

March 17, 1955 - August 19, 2020


Our Story


 My name is Stacey (Wilde) Huth. 


 I reside in Muskegon, MI with my husband, Robert, our daughter, Mikaila, our 3 dogs, Nova, Stella and Lola and our cat Elizabeth. 


 I began expressing myself artistically from a very young age and have over 25 years of experience in art and design. Expressing myself creatively is very exhilarating and gives me a sense of purpose.

It comes naturally to me and I love everything about it. 


 On August 19th, 2020, I learned the devastating news that my dad had passed away unexpectedly of Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease

at the young age of 65. 


 Jeffrey Allen Wilde of Largo, FL, was a Father, Son, Brother, Uncle,

Grand Father & Dear Friend who was exceptionally talented.

His sense of humor could have even a stranger laughing. He loved all kinds of music, impersonating characters that he often made up

himself, and he absolutely loved sailing and being on the water.

He had a wild and free-spirited personality.


 Anyone who has lost a parent can vouch that it is one of the most difficult life experiences anyone goes through.


 With all the happenings of 2020 and losing my dad, I wasn’t in a very good place. I felt like I needed to fill the void I was feeling and began searching online for anything sailboat related to symbolize my dad’s memory.


 While searching online, all things sailboat, I realized I was looking to other people’s creativity to memorialize my dad. Then it FINALLY dawned on me that I'm a creative person. I knew it would mean so much more to my dad if I used my own creative talent and designed something in his honor, instead of someone else. 

 If you Google, what a sailboat symbolizes, you’ll find, “A sailboat symbolizes journey and adventure. A sailboat is associated with being carried along by the “breath of life,” as its primary form of momentum is gained through the wind in its sails.” This ideal is PERFECT for not

just my dad’s memory, but for everyone! 

 I got to work and came up with a logo that I would soon be

transformed into a sticker. Initially, I wanted to only share the sticker with the Wilde Family.

 I started to feel that the logo and sticker wasn’t enough. I started to feel I needed to do more in my dad’s honor. I decided to build something greater to immortalize my dad’s legacy. 

 I wanted to reach out to others to help change the course of heart disease and stroke, so that maybe someone else would have more time with their loved ones.


 I designed a website around a logo that was transformed into a sticker, a sticker that if put on the right vehicle, can help spread the word of a great cause.

 This is how Wilde & Free was born. 

Wilde & Free is an advocacy for the American Heart Association. 

 In addition to finding an array of colorful stickers, you will also find one of a kind pieces of pottery handmade and donated by my sister-cousin-best friend and my dad's niece, Jenni Bell of Bell Ceramics. 

 Since the launch of the website, the brand has expanded and now offers clothing and accessories.


 Our short and long sleeve t-shirts feature our most colorful designs to help supporters stand out in a crowd to better raise awareness for our cause! 

 100% of net profits of all sales will be donated to the American Heart Association.